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February 1, 2016

"Regular readers know I have many author interviews on this blog. And, those readers know about my relatively recent immersion into the Wattpad community. Those readers have experienced interviews with the following Wattpad Authors: Holly Gonzalez, J. A. Partridge, Raphyel M Jordan, and Jennifer Morrey.


Today, we have another Wattpad author; but, this one’s quite different…

So different I’m publishing this interview on a day I normally re-blog someone else’s postand I’m leaving it as top post on through tomorrow…I suppose my main reason for this is because Ana Simons has shown me a rare type of authorial courage—a courage that needs to be granted attention…

I read the book she’ll talk about in this post—gave it a private “r” rating (small “r” because the steamy scenes were well done)—and, I was a surprise to Ana when she saw me commenting on her story (a man reading “ChicLit”…).


So, let’s get to know a bit about this woman.



Who is Ana Simons?

 I’m a mother, wife, teacher, social scientist and, apparently now, an occasional writer.


How did you come up with the idea for your first book, Ana?

From the “iceberg theory” itself, which I actually lecture about. It has been used in different fields, namely in psychology by Freud, anthropology and culture studies by Edward T. Hall, even in literature by Hemingway. It reinforces the idea that..."




If you wish to read further, click  here







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