Meet Kate Smith, the author of The Hamilton Series

March 11, 2017

Today, I am delighted to introduce you to Kate Smith, the exceptionally gifted and talented author of Reunited. 

This is a very special book, with a heart-wrenching yet wonderful story about two people whose lives would be forever moulded by the difficult events of the past.

In a twist of fate,  an unexpected encounter will trigger old memories but will also open up the possibility to make amendments with the past.

I've had the huge privilege to read Books 1 and 2 and can only highly recommend this author. Kate's writing style is superb and this is an extraordinarily moving, beautifully written story you should definitely add to your TBR list.



REUNITED is coming to press this December 12 and is already up

for pre-order on Amazon.


Tell us about yourself. Who is Kate Smith? I'm a formerly Financial Services Professional, and I live in Western Canada. From an early age, I loved to read so as I got older there was always a thought about writing. It was only recently, about two years ago, I started putting thoughts on paper, and found something I truly love doing. My children are growing up and it feels like time to pursue some dreams I had put aside, and writing has gone from a hobby into something I would eventually love to do full time. 


Reunited, Book 1 of The Hamilton Series, is due out on December 12. Tell us about it. Reunited is about a young man, a doctor, who comes from an overbearing and very image conscious family who was forced to give up a child at a young age for adoption, and what happens years later when the child reenters his. 


What inspired  you to create this story? This idea actually came from a short story idea and grew from there. I started thinking about how it is usually the woman who is portrayed as the caregiver, and of course that is not always the case, sometimes its the father who takes on the care of a child. So I tried to portray the feelings realistically, how would that feel for the parties involved if the mother decided she couldn't be part of the child's life?


What do you love about writing? I truly enjoy thinking up plots and situations for my characters to get themselves in and out of and bringing them to life for the reader.


Who has influenced your writing? I can't pinpoint any one specific person, rather it is more about personal life experiences, observations of the world along with a curiosity about human nature, and a touch of research into topics that interest me.


How would you define your writing style? Are you a pantser or a plotter?  I don't define myself as a pantser or a plotter - I fall somewhere in between. Initially I'm a planner and have an idea, and a very basic outline to start with, and I have learned that a timeline is an invaluable tool to develop early in the process. From there I let my writing muse take over, and sometimes find the chapters and stories going in an unexpected direction. I try not to strictly confine myself into the original thoughts, as long as the story is going in the right direction, towards the intended outcome, I let the process take over.


What's the best advice you've heard about writing? That's a tough one, there are so many good pieces of advice, but I guess one that sticks with me is not rushing the process and not worrying about what comes out on the page in the first draft. I would definitely tell a new writer to not confine themselves to the original words in your chapters. A first draft is just that, a draft. In my experience, as I write further into the book, things will occur to you, you will spot holes in the plot or think that perhaps there are other things that need to happen to bring your characters to that point and your characters will develop by the end of the book. Don't be afraid to rewrite, and just keep at it. Getting those first words onto the page can be intimidating, and sometimes you'll need to start elsewhere, don't be afraid to jump around and write chapters out of order. Writing is an art not a science and I'm not sure there are hard rules here, everyone will approach the creative process differently, and that's okay.


What are your plans for the near future? Currently I am working on editing Book 2 of the Series and I am planning to have it ready for release in the Spring of 2017.







[Originally posted on December 11, 2016] 





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