Silent Signs is now up for pre-order

December 1, 2016


I'm thrilled to announce that the eBook version of Silent Signs is now up for pre-order. The paperback version will be available soon as well.


This is a story that explores the feelings of loss after the breakup of a marriage, the fears and thrills of finding love again, and the challenge of allowing others to look deep inside one’s soul.



GENRE(S): Women's Fiction / Romance




On the fateful weekend her husband puts an end to their marriage, Sophie Thompson must leave for a two-week work assignment in London. As she juggles her emotions at the airport terminal, she begins to tell us her story ― the story of an inner journey that becomes an emotional roller-coaster ride full of highs and lows, twists and turns.
She won't be alone, though. She is destined to cross paths with Matthew O'Brian, the charming and intriguing doctor who wants to help her put all the scattered pieces back together. Or maybe he also needs to be rescued from his own troubled waters.
The thing is, is she truly ready to let him in?
If not,  is he ready to let her go forever?





"A highly intelligent, inspirational exploration of a woman's soul." Lina Hanson, author of Cursed Times


"With this story you must expect the unexpected! It also reminds you to love wholeheartedly and follow your heart." Katerina Bray, author of Barely Breathing


"If you like sophisticated modern romance, this is it!"   Lara Blunte, author of A Man in Africa


"I pretty much read this nonstop, I just couldn't put it down. I have been incredibly touched by this story and I enjoyed it so much! I wish it could continue. The story truly brought you into the lives of the characters and I felt like I truly connected with them. There's love, fun, laughter, sadness and tears. I really loved it." Tiffani M., Goodreads


Read the first chapters here!




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