A Collateral Attraction, by Liz Durano

October 5, 2016


First off, you should know I’m a huge fan of Liz Durano. Liz is a very talented, gifted writer. One of those that writes from the heart. One of those that is able to pen such beautiful passages that when you finish reading them, you exhale the breath you weren’t aware you were holding. Seriously.


Nevertheless, this book had been lingering on my TBR list for several months… Why?


Because it’s about twins.


Now, do I have anything against twins? Of course not! I’m the mother of the most adorable twins in the world! (No, I'm not biased or anything…)


What I don’t like is the fashion twins tend to be portrayed in literature and cinema: they either have this super telepathic ability to communicate with each other or their own individual identities are dissolved away. Not going to deny the first, but never saw it happening. The latter grates on my nerves immensely.


So here’s the truth: I hadn’t read this book before because I feared disappointment.


Oh well. Eventually, I did read it. And guess what? Loved it!


Billie and Blythe, the identical twin sisters in this story, have completely different personalities. One is a gentle, withdrawn small-town California girl; the other is an outgoing jet-setter and New York fashion designer.


In a story that is filled with suspense, mystery, lies and even murder, we also have another set of siblings: Heath and Ethan, who are caught up in their father web of intrigues.


When Blythe disappears with billionaire Ethan, her boyfriend, Billie and Ethan see themselves embarking on an incredibly exciting roller coaster ride… which will also involve falling for each other.


This is a fast paced story and, as usual, the author’s writing is superb. She’s a brilliant storyteller, with an amazing ability to develop characters who have depth and capture well human nature, with all our virtues and flaws. In A Collateral Attraction, she delivers that and much more with the same skill and talent we are already used to.


Very highly recommended.


"A mistaken identity story that straddles between Romance and ChickLit."  
RT Book Reviews



Identical twin sisters, rival billionaire brothers, and a deadly web of lies. 


When small town shop owner Billie Delphine gets stranded in New York while visiting her glamorous twin sister, Blythe, she becomes an unwilling player in a game of corporate theft and family betrayal, where “all work and no play” billionaire CEO Heath Kheiron will stop at nothing to bring Blythe to justice for a crime Billie knows her sister did not commit. 


But will Heath’s own secrets cloud Billie’s judgment before she can save her sister? Or will they both end up as collateral damage in someone else’s pursuit of power and where some players are more expendable than others? 


A Collateral Attraction is available for purchase on Amazon.


Liz Durano is also author of the following titles:


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