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January 9, 2016

Last month I was interviewed by the wonderful and gifted Elicia Hyder, Amazon bestselling Author of The Soul Summoner. Here's what came out of it:


"What sparked the idea for your book?

The ‘iceberg theory’ itself, which I actually lecture about. It reinforces the idea that our perceptions rarely correspond to the whole truth, because we all hide much more than we allow the others to see. The iceberg analogy, the fact that there’s much more underneath the surface than we actually observe floating on the ocean, underlies the love story between the two main characters.


What is your favorite book and why?

Paul Schatz im Uhrenkasten, by the German author Jan Koneffke, is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Based on real life events, it’s a moving, at times disheartening account of how a Jewish little boy managed to survive the Nazi persecution. Part of it is narrated from the child’s perspective and it’s amazing how the writer, who is nephew to the real ‘Paul’, managed to capture a child’s imaginary and his innocent interpretation of all those shattering events.


In your book “I Love You. So What?” you write from a man’s point of view. How do you get in that frame of mind? Is it hard for you to get inside the brain of a dude?

No, it’s not that hard, but it’s quite a challenge. And I like challenges. A lot. First of all, you need to be crazy enough to believe you can play the part. I don’t know if I can do that well enough, but I do find myself sometimes laughing at my own character and his views, so probably that means that I have it: the necessary degree of insanity. Then we all know the stereotypes, so I start from there; it’s meant to be satirical and funny, so I guess it’s okay to play with all these preconceived ideas people have of men, and of women as well. I also gather characteristics from different people I’ve met along the years, been reading a lot of male magazines lately and, of course, I have my own male private consultant at home.


Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

I’m a total pantser! When I started posting ‘The Iceberg Theory’ I had only written about a dozen chapters, knew how it was supposed to end, but had no detailed, rigid plan for the following parts. Then I began to post as I was writing. Not very professional, I am aware, but I actually think that those segments are better than the initial ones. Knowing that people are already reading it, makes you work harder, I feel.

With my current story “I Love You. So What?” it’s the same: I know where I want my guy to go, but I’ll decide along the way how I want him to get there. Or I won’t, as sometimes I even have the feeling the plot takes on a life of its own…
Well, I write mostly for fun, as a hobby, and the truth is that I really like this feeling that I’m watching it from the first row, that I’m discovering my characters and their adventures and misadventures as I write them.


How are we going to celebrate when you make the best seller list?

LOL. When? Not if? You’re funny. I don’t know, I’ll slap myself a couple of times first just to make sure it is for real? Now seriously: my first novel is set in different locations in Europe and also in the US. Maybe I would visit them all. And one more thing: I’m hooked on the work of the Brooklyn Duo. What they do with a piano and a cello is simply amazing and I have used a lot of their interpretations of well-known songs in the media of ‘The Iceberg Theory’. I’d love to meet them and listen to them perform live."


To find out more about Elicia and her books, click on here.







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