The 100K milestone: life is funny, oh yes it is!

January 16, 2016


Apparently ‒ if I’m seeing it correctly ‒ 100,000 chapters of ‘The Iceberg Theory’ were read in the course of the last few months on Wattpad.


Maybe it’s not that much, considering that there are so many authors with over a million reads. But then again, maybe it is indeed a lot, considering that exactly a year ago I had neither plan, nor aspiration to become a writer.


Unlike most authors whose profiles I’ve been checking since I've joined this platform, I had never dreamt of becoming one since my early years, nor was I an avid reader, eager to either be drift away to the universes created by exceptional writers, or learn the craft and then put it into practice.


I mean, I’ve always read and written a lot, but that was part of my day job. Ask me about books (and films) about WWII, particularly about representations of the Holocaust written in German, and I will probably be able to tell you something about it. That’s what I’ve done in the last fifteen years of my life: read and write about autobiographical novels written by war survivors and by the children of both victims and perpetrators. Quite a hard topic, especially because I had the chance to interview some of these people.


That said, books were work, and when I was not working, I’ve always done my best to keep away from them. Cinema has always been a big passion, so I channelled most of my free time into it. And into football (of the European sort), which can also blow my socks off sometimes, especially if it is my kid who's on the field throwing the ball into the net!


But that was until the day someone challenged me to jump to the other side of the fence and give writing a go. We were in March or April 2015, I can’t recall anymore. I hesitated for a while, because I really thought it was a completely insane idea, and honestly, after reading what I had been reading for such long time, everything else seemed meaningless, even futile.


One day, however, I found myself outlining a plot. Weird, was the writing bug getting into me? — I wondered at the time.  And then I stumbled upon Wattpad. I was quite reluctant at first, but luckily I found an extraordinary group of women who gave me the necessary encouragement to keep on writing and, well, the rest as they say is history…





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