A Man in Africa, by Lara Blunte

September 3, 2016

This is a book that makes you laugh, reflect and smile – sometimes just to smother the feelings of uneasiness caused the harsh reality the MC finds in a context devastated by illness and difficult life conditions.
Overall, it’s a wonderful book, a brilliant incursion of the author into contemporary romance. It has an original premise, an engaging plot with the necessary right twists and interesting, well-developed characters.
Lara is a magnificent story-teller, with a superb narrative craft. She masters like very few can the fine art of weaving a story that has magnificent descriptions of the African landscape, a plot that keeps you hooked from the first page and characters you fall in love with.

This is definitely one of those cases, where you’re done with the book, but the story keeps playing in your mind…





Genre: A Man in Africa straddles the line between Women's Fiction & Contemporary Romance




Reporter Roberta Bovi's marriage ends the day it begins. 
The man she has loved for years turns out so faithless that she has lived a fictional life, happy only because she was blind. 
Roberta walks away from the debris of the relationship in nothing but the white sheath dress she wore to the ceremony, retro sunglasses that look ridiculous at a tragedy and her passport. 
A journalistic assignment in Uganda saves her from facing the man she now needs to divorce: she is to cover a story about AIDS increasing in a country that had previously served as the model for Africa. 
Roberta has no more illusions about love and fidelity, and the writings of Christopher Burton, a doctor and evolutionary biologist she is going to interview, only convinces her further that humans are just apes that shed some hair. 
Burton may have even fewer illusions than Roberta, but there is a heart beating beneath the white coat of a brave and very attractive doctor. 
As Roberta stays to help at the hospital where he works, they find it hard to stay away from each other, even as both understand that love always requires a leap of faith. 
From those who are capable of it... 


A Man in Africa is available for purchase on Amazon.







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