The Abyss, by Lara Blunte

April 28, 2016

"A Regency Romance in which passion matters a lot more than manners." 


The Abyss is a different regency romance for sure!

Lara is an absolutely brilliant story-teller, with a superb narrative craft. I've read all her works and, again, with The Abyss she does not disappoint. On the contrary. She does not only present you with a rich and historically authentic setting, but she also weaves it masterfully with an engaging love story that starts in Portugal, under the regency of Prince John in the context of the Napoleonic attempts to occupy the country,  and crosses the Atlantic to discover a new and untamed land in the interior of Brazil.  

I have known this author to have light and even funny moments, but through her novels you will always find a lot of passion, and this is no different. I loved the description of the crossing at sea, and the reuniting of the lovers only for them to find the abyss of the title between them. 

I won't say more, just read it. I couldn't put it down! 

Highly recommended.




Genre: Historical Fiction 




It is 1803, the regency of Prince John of Portugal, a man who never wanted to reign. 
Clara Moreira Tavares must marry well; her mother tells her that is why she was born beautiful. 
But Clara knows who her husband must be: Gabriel Almada de Castro, the second son of the Marquis de Vargas. 
When the Marquis disinherits proud Gabriel for loving Clara, she must refuse his proposal, convinced that they will not be able to make their way in the world. Gabriel disappears without a word. 
Four years later Napoleon is about to invade Portugal, and the regent decides to flee with his court to the biggest of his colonies, Brazil. 
Clara and her family go with him, to an entirely new life in a wild, untamed country. 
In Rio de Janeiro she meets Gabriel again, to find that she still loves him. This time she accepts his proposal: he has managed to amass a fortune in a very short time. 
Gabriel and Clara embark toward his vast estate in the interior, but a letter sent from Lisbon will shatter their happiness, and an abyss will open between husband and wife." 


The Abyss is available for purchase on Amazon .








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