To Be King, by Lara Blunte

April 9, 2016

Chivalric romance and winner of the Wattys Award 2015 

"It was a dark time”, it’s how it starts, this chivalric romance set in the Middle Ages. War, death and hunger set the initial tone of a story that in the end results in a beautiful tale about hard times and difficult measures, about friendship, and foremost about love. Love between two people who weren’t supposed to love each other. Or maybe they were.

Telling you more, would ruin it.

Lara Blunte is an absolutely brilliant writer. Her background as historian shows in each historically plausible detail: the initial premise, the setting, character’s garments or battle descriptions. All that she masters so proficiently.

But there’s a very clear distinction between historians and writers, though. Think of an earthquake. Historians are like a seismograph, they should give you clear, objective information about such natural phenomenon. Writers, on the other hand, behave like witnesses of it, they don’t just measure the event, they’re able to take you there, they allow you to see it, to feel it as if you were immersed in it. You should feel each movement, each sensation of fear and panic, each emotion that courses through people’s veins.

And Lara sure does that. So perfectly, you want to read it all in one sitting. But then, of course, comes the great dilemma: you don’t really want it to end, because you know already you’ll miss your hero…

Only exceptional writers and great stories make you feel like that.




Genre: Historical Romance




"The world is changing. After decades of war, Tibold emerges as the leader of a new, powerful kingdom, and the benefits of peace are soon felt. 
But King Tibold has a problem: his son and heir Tameas doesn't want to be king after him, and neither does he want to marry Lady Isobel, daughter of the warlike duke of the north, with whom an unbreakable alliance is needed. 
And Lady Isobel is already in love with the valiant Sir Harry. 
A man with pride, a woman with prejudice. Together they must keep a kingdom safe." 



To Be King is available for purchase on Amazon.


If you're looking for a visual guide to the story, don't forget to check out its  Pinterest board.











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