Stopover in Germany: on my second home with Lina Hanson

February 14, 2016

This time I’ll be in Germany, a country that is quite close to my heart: I have great memories from my college years there, it’s a place that I visit often and where I have a few very good friends.

I’m returning today to pay a special visit to the author of the Cursed Times series, the Adventure/Paranormal writer Lina Hanson. 

Some say that language bonds people, maybe it’s true, maybe that's one of the reasons why Lina is one my dearest WP gals. That and the fact that she has been immensely supportive right from the first moment I embarked on my writing adventure:  she was the very first person to leave a comment on my first story (on the second one, likewise ‒ in fact, if I'm on my second one, that is entirely her fault LOL) and every time I post a new chapter she’s there to brighten up my day. Well, considering that Contemporary Romance is not even remotely close to her favourite genres, I’d say that’s huge! 


Halli, hallo! Thanks so much for taking the time for this little chat. First off: who is Lina Hanson?

Lina is a red-headed lady with more than half a century of experience. (Gosh, doesn't time fly etc. etc.) A communication PR and marketing specialist with a diverse background in tourism, e-learning and the space industry. Words are my life - or my living. Which leads us to Nr. 2


When did you decide to write? Do you still remember the first time you did?

I wrote little stories when I was a teenager, even did the satires for our school magazine. There my penchant for strange humour surfaced for the first time. The love for writing then morphed into a profession and for decades I did not write for enjoyment. It was my job. Working in tourism, I also freelanced as a travel writer at some point, which has very much influenced my style in terms of descriptiveness. A couple of years ago I learned that WP existed, thought 'What? Publishing is so easy? I read a lot of books about writing and it all just came together. Then I went and wrote a novel. Now I have written two.


Who are your literary influences? What are your favourite books/ films?

My literary influences? OMG I'm a voracious reader and not choosy. I'll read a lot. Never romance though. Until a certain lady wrote hers. XD (Thank you...) Anyway, I like humour in my novels, I'm a Terry Pratchett Fan but murder mysteries, thrillers and anything historical will catch my eyes. Lindsay Davis, Lauren Haney, Karen Slaughter that type of novel.


 When you’re not at your desk working on your sequel, what do you do?

Unfortunately I am mostly away from my laptop. I have a full time job which tends to spill over into my free time. A lot. But I usually find the time, to cook, eat, work out (ehem, necessary), do oriental dancing, walking or travelling twice a year. I love travelling.


You know I’m pretty basic, my characters only belong to the contemporary fiction realm! But yours don’t, which I find really amazing and also challenging. Where do you get the inspiration for your stories and your characters from?

You are anything but basic....XD Okay, inspiration. I'm fascinated by history and both ancient Egypt and the witchtrials are something I researched a lot. I also do a bit of daydreaming, making these worlds come alive. So it was logical to bring the two together. The characters - they are puzzles composed of many people and experiences I had in the past. They are not projections of myself but the theme of belonging, character development, instabilities, insecurities - it's part of my life's experience and I found it important to show that there is a way out of the blackest hole.


Which of your characters is most fun to write?

Who is most fun to write - In the first novel it was Iseret. She just forced herself center stage. This time it is probably Trueth because she's finally getting her stuff together. Sort of.


What is the easiest and hardest thing about writing?

Easy and hard - I love writing but to write well one has to edit. A lot. Which I like as well but at some point when I realise I am still not quite there yet I tend to get frustrated!


What is your advice for those who would like start writing?

If you want to write well, get a few basics on board first. You can always adjust but simply knowing what a POV is, structuring scenes etc. it helps.



How would describe your Wattpad experience so far?

I love Wattpad. I found so many friends. And it's good to know that I am not the only mad person. I work in a very technical and precise environment. My co-workers do not really understand me... So it is good to know there are others like me!


Vielen Dank, Lina. Für alles. Bist ein Schatz! Wirklich, es war mir ein Vergnügen, dich kennen gelernt zu haben. Hoffentlich treffen wir uns ganz, ganz bald in irgendeinem deutschen Biergarten ;-). 




Lina Hanson is on WATTPAD,




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