Next stop: India. Meeting Ann Writes

February 5, 2016

Before I return to Europe, a quick stop in India to meet my dearest fellow writer Ann Writes. Quite assertive in her opinions, ironic when needed, this woman is amazing.

Today she will tell us about her first book, The Imperfect Kid, which has recently hit the shelves. She will also describe one of the strategies she resourced to in order to bring credibility to one of the characters of the book she's currently working on, 666: A Psychological Thriller.

It will be a frank and honest talk about her persona, writing in general and publishing ‒ its positive aspects, but also its downside, namely the unpredictability of a business that not always prizes quality...


Have you always written? What do you like best about it?

I've written poems since the age of 7 or 8. My goals from writing have kept changing...For many years I wrote for a living, I wanted to sell products, influence people, learn what makes them tick. Lately, my goal is creative expression. I want to create something original, which makes people stop and think. What I like best is that it challenges me and defines me.


Who are your favourite authors? What about genres?

My favorite genre is chick-lit. I like JK Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, JD Salinger, Enid Blyton,  John Grisham... and many others...


You've just published your first book, The ImPerfect Kid. Mind telling us a little bit about it? Was it your very first book? What motivated you to write a children's book?

The ImPerfect Kid is my first completed novel. I had a few false starts before. The ImPerfect Kid is primarily a humor book. The main character Danny is inspired by Bart Simpson. The Simpson's is my favorite show on tv. I had in mind a format similar to the wimpy kid books, because they're selling so well.


I’ve read you contacted a professional you found online and that he’s helped you building one of your characters. Tell me about it.

I am writing a mystery/ thriller called 666 where the MC is a Psychiatrist. I wanted to write a realistic timeline for the career events in my character's life and I decided that LinkedIn might help me there. I browsed through many Psychiatrist resumes and found a resume that could be my character's resume.LOL.I contacted this Psychiatrist and told him about my book. He very kindly took a look and offered to help me with any questions I might have.


After the ImPerfect Kid, what made you change genres and shift into paranormal romance?

There are two kinds of writers, Ana. Those who write well and score millions of reads. Those who write badly and score millions of reads. I tried my best to be category one, but sadly, the millions of reads were not happening. So I thought...time to try category No 2! I'll write a shitty romance with lots of sex and get those millions of reads! Sadly, I couldn't even succeed at writing badly well. So...after embarrassing myself with a book full of plot holes and adding sex scenes in every chapter...I went back and started editing it. I practically rewrote the few chapters I had and removed the sex scenes. Then I was stuck with a lot of mysterious stuff I added just for shock effect and had to come up with a believable explanation for it all...I almost killed myself trying to make it all make sense. I think I did succeed in making it non-sucky.



What triggers your inspiration?

Oh, so many things...Usually my dreams/frustrations in real life.


Ann, you’ve got this dry sense of humour that really cracks me up sometimes. But there’s a lot more than plain wit beyond some of your remarks, isn’t there? You’re quite serious about some of the things you’re saying, aren’t you?

I do mean what I say...Humor often  involves exaggeration to an absurd degree, but unless there's some truth in it, it's not funny or relatable.


Once you told me you never left India. Is there any country in particular you would like to visit first, once you have the opportunity to travel abroad?

Hong Kong is No1 on my list right now and I plan to visit next December :)


Your biggest dream?

I guess this is one question we all ponder. I'd like a six-figure income, but above all I want to be healthy.


What is your message for those who would like start writing?

Writing is about self-expression so don't hold back the way I do ;)


Thank you so much, Ann, for taking the time for this interview.  And let me tell you something else: without you, WP wouldn't be the same ;-)






You can find Ann on WATTPAD  and on FACEBOOK.   The ImPerfect Kid is now available for purchase on 





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